crystals company, we have built our business in producing high quality salt, operating a refinery, and marketing our products, including coarse salt, fine salt and table salt, to different countries.

-Our products are used in many fields-

Food Industries

Such as sodium chloride salt, which is used in the dairy industry, and table salt

Chemical industries

Such as the sodium sulfate salt which is used in dry industrial detergents, paper and glass industries and the sodium chloride salt which is used in the manufacture of soda ash, chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

Medical Industry

Such as sodium chloride salt that is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical solutions, intravenous solutions, and dialysis solutions.

Agricultural industry

Such as the magnesium sulfate salt, which is used as agricultural fertilizer.

about the company

We have proudly established ourselves as a crystals company with proven ability to produce premium quality salt, which is distributed in many countries.

At The Company, we value quality above all else, which is why our salt undergoes regular quality tests from independent laboratories and only the absolute best will carry our name.We are proud to supply companies in all countries with our high quality products

- Health standards -

crystals is committed to high health standards in order to maintain the safety of the final product, starting from the workers and their standard uniform to their periodic checks and the Laboratory testing of the products to ensure their safety and compliance with health safety standards before they reach the consumer.

Our products

Our products include Pharmaceutical salt, table salt, vacuum salt, Rock salt, De-Icing salt, magnesium sulfate, and  High Purity sodium chloride

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